If a child is going to be absent from school, a parent will need to call the school office before 9:00 am to let the school know the child will not be attending.

 We have implemented this policy because our staff has become concerned in recent years regarding the safety of our students.  When you send your child to school in the morning, you assume that they arrive safely.  When a child does not come to school we assume that you have kept him/her at home.  We find that between these two assumptions lies a huge gap where anything could happen. We feel that, from a security standpoint, we need to account for every child.  If a child is missing, we don’t want to just assume that he or she is at home for the day.

 If you keep your child at home please call the office.  If we don’t hear from you by 9:00 am we will be calling you in an effort to pinpoint the whereabouts of your child. 

Our second concern is the relationship between a student’s regular attendance and school success.  Research tells us that children who are chronically absent from school do not achieve at the rate of those who have regular attendance.  As we take very seriously our responsibility to teach our child, we hope you take seriously the responsibility of getting them to school so we can teach them.  Parents should be aware that:

1.  The school day begins at 8:10 am.  We are making every effort to make even the first few minutes of the day meaningful teaching time.  Children who are 10 minutes late are missing 10 minutes of instruction time, as well as disrupting the rest of the class by coming in tardy.

2.  We appreciate parents scheduling family outings so they do not conflict with a child’s time in the classroom.  The last half hour of the day can be a very valuable time in the classroom, so please try to avoid pulling your child out of class the last half hour for your convenience.

3.  If you make arrangements when you call, the teacher can prepare homework for a student who is absent.  Parents may arrange to pick up homework or it will be ready for the child when they return.  Our school district does have a 90% attendance policy.  Students who miss more than 9 days per semester may not be eligible for promotion, based on attendance alone.  A reminder: three tardies equals one absence.

4.  In accordance with NCLB (No Child Left Behind) and the 90% Attendance Policy, students who miss ten or more consecutive school days for non-medical reasons will be withdrawn.  They will be re-enrolled upon return.  This procedure is necessary in order to document that direct instruction was not provided during this period.

It is the desire of our staff to have every child in the classroom every school day.  We are asking that you, the parents, monitor the attendance of our students, trying to have them here for the entire day to maximize their opportunities to learn.