1.   The bus driver is in full charge of students riding the bus.

2.   Be on time — the bus will not wait for those who are late.

3.   Form a single line when waiting for the bus.

4.   Enter the bus quietly, be seated and remain seated facing forward keeping feet and legs out of the aisles.

5.   There will be absolutely no standing or moving around while the bus is moving.

6.   Do not put hands, arms, or head out of the bus windows.

7.   Do not eat or drink on the bus.

8.   Do not take or damage other people’s belongings.

9.   Do not throw objects on the bus or out bus window.

10.   No live insects, reptiles, or any other animals are to be brought on the bus.

11.   There is absolutely no scuffling or fighting at any time.

12.   There will be no pushing, crowding or tripping people who are getting on and off the bus.

13.   Do not have matches, lighters or knives on the bus.

14.   Any damage done to school bus by the students must be paid for.

15.   Help keep the bus clean. Put trash in the waste basket.

16.   Parents who wish your student to ride a bus other than their regular one must call the Bus Barn at 452-3118 to request a bus change.  If approved, please call the school office and they will issue a BUS PASS  for your student to take with them on the bus.  For A.M. Kindergarten these changes must be made by 9:00 A.M. and all other students by 1:00 P.M.

17.  A regular rider who wishes to be dropped at any location other than their regular stop in the afternoon must present a note to the driver signed by the parent or guardian giving their permission.

18.  Cooperate with the bus driver. The bus driver is authorized to assign seats.

19.  Anyone found guilty of using foul language, swearing at or making any kind of insulting remarks or rude gestures about the bus driver or other students may give up their right to ride the bus.

20.  Students who do not obey the rules and continue to cause trouble will not be allowed to ride the bus for the rest of the year.



1.  A bus driver will use reasonable measures to maintain discipline.  Students not heeding verbal warnings may be assigned to specific seats at the driver’s discretion.

2.  Any child who continues to cause trouble or create unsafe bus conditions by his/her actions shall be reported by the driver to the Bus Supervisor.   At the discretion of the Bus Supervisor, action may be taken that could involve Building Principal, parent and Bus Supervisor to resolve the issue.

3.  Riders receiving a bad conduct report for the third time during the same school year may be taken off the bus for an indefinite period of time.


Be sure your children understand that crossing a city street, county road or highway can be dangerous.  Here are the loading and unloading rules that we are asking parents to help us teach their children:


Wait for the bus well away from the edge of the roadway.  The bus will stop several feet before the actual spot that students are waiting.  Do not move towards the bus until it completely stops and the doors open.  If your student crosses a traffic lane to board the bus they must NOT cross the roadway until the bus driver motions or verbally tells them it is OK to cross.


Exit bus in orderly fashion and walk away from bus towards home.  Students who cross traffic lanes will do the following:  Exit from bus.  Walk ten feet in front of the bus along the road shoulder and stop.  Remain there until the bus driver signals that it is OK to cross.  NEVER  NEVER cross behind the bus while it is stopped or driving away.


With your help and cooperation we can make this a safe and enjoyable school year for your children.  THANK YOU.