We are happy to be able to offer library privileges to our students.  We have a great selection of books in all levels.  However, in order to keep our books in good condition for our children to enjoy for years to come, we must follow some basic rules.

1.  Damaged Books:  If the original cost of the book was more than $13.00, but less than $18.00, the charge will be $6.00.  For those books costing more than $18.00, we will charge $8.00.

2.  The child who checks out the book is responsible for any damage to the books while in his/her possession.

3.  If your child has a damage fine, he/she will not be able to check out a book until the damage is paid for.

4.  If your child loses a book, it must be paid for before he/she can check out another book.

5.  Children caught throwing books in the air or hitting other student will be fined and be subject to a library suspension.  They are required to carry books according to library procedure.

6. Our books are library bound books therefore the replacement has to come through the library and we cannot accept trade books.

We look forward to serving your children in the library.  If we can be of service or answer any of your questions, please call the librarian at 452-3360.

Thank you so much for your support in helping us take good care of our library books.