Early Childhood Center


Welcome to Fruitland’s  Early Childhood Center (ECC)!  

A special place for the littlest Grizzlies to start their educational journey.

ECC, Early Childhood Center:  The 2018-19 school year was our inaugural school year. The transition has been wildly effective, as well as fulfilling, for both students and staff. Using the “It takes a village” proverb, we include daily opportunities to nourish these youngest learners.

MATH:  Our full-day Kindergarten program offers math curriculum called “Math in focus: Singapore math program.” Singapore math is a successful method focusing on mastery versus memorization. The goal is for the student to master a limited number of concepts each school year, thus understanding the material on a deeper level vs ‘just for the test’.

READING:  For reading we utilize the “Journeys” curriculum. Throughout the year we are able to offer individualized instruction and complex anchor texts to challenge students and mold them into stronger readers. Both our Math & Reading curriculums are designed for K-4 ensuring your student will have consistent gains and grade level content for success, as well as advancement opportunities.

CHARACTER:  We also believe in whole-child learning, and have a monthly character theme which is our focus at school and for kids to practice at home. Our counselor comes to present the new theme monthly and weekly our students attend a character class to work on and reinforce the concept. The hope for our students is they will utilize these concepts & skills at school, at home and in our community.

SPECIALS CLASSES:  Additionally each student attends weekly art, science, computer and library classes.   New this year is our school-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support ( PBIS) framework, which allows all staff the ability to use evidence-based  prevention and intervention practices along a multi-tier continuum to support the academic, emotional, social and behavioral competence of all students.

We are seeing wonderful things happen with our student growth, and we are excited to welcome your student to Fruitland.


“I think the WHOLE experience has been AMAZING. I love the building, everything is just the right size for the kiddos. I love that there is less distraction for the kiddos. They really get to have a school experience without the distractions of big kids. I love that they are completely separate from all the other buildings on campus. “

“I have loved the new ECC building this year for my child in so many ways! It’s so intimate when teachers and staff can focus on one group of kids at a time. Many times I’ve called in when my child couldn’t make it to school or dropping items off at the office the staff knows exactly who my child is by first name and which class she is in. That to me means everything! As parents we are always concerned about how our children are doing when we aren’t present and the reassurance of such a great environment that everyone presents is so awesome. I have loved this one-on-one experience and appreciate it so much.  “

“ I have nothing but good things to say about the ECC. All the staff members I have encountered on both the kindergarten level as well as preschool have been amazing! Both of my kids struggle in academics and they have accommodated them in more ways than I could have  imagined. I couldn’t be more grateful. This year has been the first year of school for both of my kiddos and I couldn’t have chosen a better school for them to attend. Thank you all so much!”

“There hasn’t been a single moment we haven’t been happy with ECC and their staff. We know our son is getting an outstanding education, and being cared for just as well as if he was at home”

“The staff at ECC has been so helpful as we learn the ropes of having a child in school!  Our oldest son started school this year and we have asked so many questions. The staff has always been patient and understanding with us.  At first we were hesitant about the idea of having kindergarten in a separate school but it has been so wonderful to have the kids in their own space as they get their feet under them.  Our overall experience with the ECC has been wonderful; Our son loves it, we love it, and we feel as though we have an excellent base as we head to a new school for first grade! “