Idaho Reading Initiative

The Idaho Reading Initiative, enacted by the Idaho Legislature, was designed to ensure that all children in the State of Idaho will master the skills they need to become successful readers.  Endless research-based studies show reading skills are directly related to a child’s success in school.  It is our goal as the State Department of Education to work with your child’s school, teacher, and administration to promote his/her reading success!

Students in Kindergarten through Third Grade are assessed in compliance with state law.  The purpose of this test is to identify students who may need extra help to become successful readers. This year Fruitland Elementary is using MAPS administered by NWEA. If a child is having difficulty with any reading skills, this program will provide a way to monitor student progress between testing so teachers can measure how effective the interventions are for a child.  A test administrator, chosen and trained by your school district, will test students individually using the Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI).  The IRI will be given three times a year. We are in the process of training staff on all of the uses this new system will offer.  In the beginning training will be necessary before all of the aspects available on MAPS can be offered. Once schools receive adequate trainings, teachers and staff at your child’s school will share the information with you.

We strive to keep parents informed.  For current and up-to-date information regarding the IRI please visit our Web site at Idaho Reading Indicator.  Parents are important partners in a child’s reading success.  We encourage you to read daily with your child, participate in school events, visit your local library, talk with your child often about their day at school.  Showing interest in a child’s learning can make all the difference in your child’s education.

Your child’s teacher and school are the best resources for information relating to your child’s academic growth.  Good communication with these sources is essential.  Your continued interest in your child’s reading growth sends a powerful message to your child.  We look forward to working together with you and your child’s school to provide your child with the best education possible, and to ensure all Idaho’s students are successful learn