Every month we focus on a specific character theme. Mrs. D-W visits each classroom to talk with the students about what each theme means and how to represent those attributes here  & at home. At the ECC Mrs. Hutchinson visits with our Kindergarten students for a character lesson too. Once a month we hold an assembly to honor 2 students from each class who exemplify the character theme. Additionally, the specials teachers choose one class who demonstrated that virtue best and they are awarded as well. At the ECC our specials teacher announces a class and they receive a class award and their picture on the Class of the Month bulletin board.



November-Loyalty  (Good Citizenship/Veterans)

December-Compassion  (Kindness)






A great book, The Essential 55 by Ron Clark, was given to the staff as a gift from Mr. Wozniak.  Several of these rules were chosen for all staff members to work on during the school year.  The schedule is as follows:

September-Rule 23:  Know other teachers’ names (and classmates, too!) and greet them in the hall by name. (p. 79), Rule 2:  Making eye contact.  (p. 2), Rule 44:  When walking in line, keep your arms at your sides and move quietly. (p. 124) and Rule 45:  Never cut I line. (p. 127).

October-Rule 15:  Do not ask for a reward. (p. 54).

November-Rule 7:  Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and say “excuse me.” (p. 20).

December-Rule 9: Always say “thank you” when given something. (p. 24) and Rule 10:  When you receive something, do not insult the gift or the giver. (p. 27).

January-Rule 4: Respect other students’ comments, opinions and ideas. (p. 9).

February-Rule 10:  When homework is assigned, do not moan or complain. (p. 67) and Rule 35:  If someone drops something and you are close to it, pick it up. (p. 110).

March-Rule 5:  If you win, do not brag.  If you lose, do not show anger. (p. 14).

April-Rule 52:  Learn from you mistakes and move on. (p. 146).

May-Rule 37:  If someone bumps into you, say “excuse me” even if it was not your fault. (p. 112).