Graduation Requirements

2016-17 FHS Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of Senior Project
  • ISAT proficiency in all areas required by the State of Idaho
  • College Entrance Exam taken during Junior year
  • Completion of 46 credits (one credit is earned for each semester course completed)


English 8          PE 1
Math 6*          US History 2
Science 6**          Economics 1
Computer Applications 1          Government 2
Speech 1          Humanities 4
Health 1          Electives 13

* FHS Students must be enrolled in a math class all 4 years of high school and complete Algebra 1 and Geometry
** 4 Credits must be lab sciences with 2 credits of Biology


4-Year Plan Instructions

Four Year Plan

FHS Transcript Review

Early Graduation

Fruitland High School students may apply for early graduation if they are seeking to complete graduation requirements one or more semesters prior to their original anticipated date of graduation. Students and/or parents should make an appointment with the counselor to discuss early graduation options and plans.

The Idaho State Department of Education provides aid for students accelerating through K-12 education and provides support to earn college credit in high school. To review these program options, please view the Advanced Opportunities section of this website.