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Mrs. Laurie McGraw


Mrs. Laurie McGraw

Learning is something that we all do every single day.  There is not a person out there who does not learn.  We learn about foods from trying them.  We learn about places by visiting them.  We learn about ourselves when we experience happiness or disappointment.  We learn how to do things by attempting to do them.  The question is, how do we turn this natural way of learning and integrate it into the classroom with subjects that children think of as boring or difficult?  How do we make learning meaningful?  


Truly connecting with students and understanding what interests them can mean the difference between disinterest and engagement in learning.  In addition, setting goals for ourselves and our students can give focus and meaning to our knowledge and advancement.

        My philosophy of learning is to encourage seeking answers, it is in this way, we advance.  I view myself primarily as an overseer of my students, rather than someone who simply delivers information to students.  Student centered lessons gives children ownership of their learning which makes the experience meaningful.  Giving students freedom to make choices, take risks, and challenge themselves in an environment that is safe and full of mutual respect is my main priority.

        Although philosophy of teaching is incredibly important, it is also necessary for parents and students to know about my professional background. I received my teaching degree from Washington State University in 2008 and I am certified in elementary education grades K-8 with a highly qualified status in Middle School English and Social Studies. I have also recently graduated from American College of Education with a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a Focus in Digital Learning and Teaching. During this school year, I will be working on a second Master’s Degree in Ed


ucational Leadership. Before I came to Fruitland, I taught English and Social Studies at Middleton Middle School to 7th and 8th grade students in the alternative program for two years before moving into the main school to teach 7th grade English and Social Studies. I began teaching 6th grade at Fruitland Middle School in 2015.

        In my personal life, I am a mother, grandmother, and wife. I love my family and they fill my days with laughter and love. To see a glimpse into my personal world, I have included a link to a video collage about my family.

My Video


       It is important to me that you feel confident that when your child is at school, he or she is receiving my best and that I will do everything I can to help your child be successful. My students’ accomplishments and growth are my top priority as an educator. I look forward to working with you and your children and I am excited for a fun filled, successful year.

Mrs. Laurie McGraw, 6th Grade

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