Open Enrollment Policy 501.1

Series 500
Policy Title: Open Enrollment Policy Code No: 501.1

Fruitland School District is an open enrollment district and tuition will be waived for non-resident Idaho
students who are allowed to attend this district under the terms of this policy.

Non-resident students are those Idaho students whose parent or guardian do not reside in this school district, but
who have applied for admission or are attending school in this district through open enrollment.

A non-resident student’s parent or guardian must apply annually for admission to a school in this district on a
form provided by the State Department of Education. The application, accompanied by the student’s
accumulative record, must be submitted to this district by February 1st for re-enrollment during the following
school year, unless the application deadline has been waived by agreement between Fruitland School District
and the home district. The notice of application must also be given to the home district. Acceptance for open
enrollment is for that year only and does not ensure enrollment in the future.

The district will notify the applicant that the application has been accepted or denied for the following school
year within sixty (60) days of February 1st or the date of the application.

No student shall be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities, in violation of policies governing such
eligibility, by attending school in this district pursuant to this policy.

This district shall take no action to prohibit or prevent application by its students to attend school at another

A student suspended or expelled from any other school district may be ineligible for open enrollment in this
school district.

New Applications for Open Enrollment are due to the District Office by August 1st to be considered for the new
school year. To be considered for second semester, applications are due November 15th.

This district is concerned about its class size and the effect that enlargement of the student-teacher ratios will
have upon the educational program. Therefore, this district has determined that admission of students in excess
of the following ratios could work a hardship on the district, its teachers, staff, students and educational

K-1 23:1
2-4 24:1
5-6 25:1
7-12 140 students in grade level.

An exceptional student resource class ratio shall be 10:1.

An exceptional student severe class ratio shall be 3:1.

The Board will consider all open enrollment applications on a case-by-case basis to determine if the application
will create a hardship on the school district. Requests determined not to create a hardship on the school district
will be given priority for approval as follows:

1. School District staff
2. Current Students in Good Standing
3. Property owners in the school district
4. Date of submission of Application.

Students approved for open enrollment will complete an Open Enrollment Behavioral Contract signed by the
student’s parent and/or guardian. The parent and/or guardian shall be responsible for transporting the student to
and from the school or to an appropriate bus stop within this district.


Legal Reference:
1979 I.C. 33-1401, et seq.

3/97, 11/97, 12/05, 8/06
4/09, 7/13/09, 10/8/12, 9/11/17