Out Of District Enrollment

Parents and guardians, our district has seen a significant growth in enrollment this year; we anticipate that growth will continue in the future.  Our district policy on open enrollment is based on available space in grade levels, classes, and programs.  As enrollment increases, we have decreasing ability to serve students from outside our district.

If students are living outside our district and have not been approved for open enrollment, parents must submit open enrollment applications by Monday, December 5th to be considered for attendance second semester.  This includes students who began the year living in the district and have since moved to another school district, as well as students who have been living outside the district and have not been approved for this school year.


If it is discovered that students are enrolled in the Fruitland School District but are living outside the district, and have not been approved for open enrollment, they may be required to enroll in their home district and not complete the semester.
Out of district enrollment is reviewed each year.  Applications for students who have been approved for the current year, and who wish to apply for the 2017-2018 school year, are due by February 1st.

Please call the district office if you have any questions about the open enrollment policy.


Thank you very much–

Teresa Fabricius